Our Hearing Professionals

Baltimore's Best Audiologists

Quarry Hearing prides itself in being one of the best audiology offices in the greater Baltimore area. Our Providers are friendly, experienced and, most importantly, the best at what they do. From hearing exams to programming, you will not find a better audiology office in Baltimore than Quarry Hearing.

Nora Zadbeh



Nora Zadbeh received her Bachelors in Special Education from Adelphi University and went on to complete her masters in Audiology at Brooklyn College. Her determination to enhance the lives of the hearing impaired gave her the motivation to pursue this field and she has done so with an immense amount of success. She truly cares for and understands the people that she helps. Nora will go the extra mile for her patients. When asked “why do you do what you do?” she says, “I like to make a positive difference in people’s lives and that will not happen on it’s own.”

Pauline Lohr



Pauline Lohr has been a certified hearing aid dispenser since the early 80’s. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all fields of audiology and has served the Baltimore community for many years. She is dedicated to her patients’ comfort and success. She is continuously advancing her education to exceed the latest standards.