Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in various styles and sizes. Depending on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, manual dexterity, preferences and cosmetic requirements, one or more of the styles described below could work for you. Our audiologists will discuss your options and recommend the best style based on your personal needs.

At Quarry Hearing, we carry hearing aids that fit any lifestyle. During your hearing evaluation, we will help you determine the style that works best for you. As a supplier of all major brands, we provide cutting edge technology so you get the best solution.

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Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a wide range of technology levels and styles. They are offered in various levels ranging from ‘Entry-level’ to ‘Premium’. Within each level, different technology and features are available. Some are designed for active lifestyles while others are for those in need of a ‘Power’ instrument. Choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and requirements. Our hearing care professionals are experts in each and can help you make the right choice.

Hearing and Activity Tracking
Smartphone compatible
Invisible (IIC)
Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)
Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
In-The-Canal (ITC)
Completely-In-Canal (CIC)
In-The-Ear (ITE)
Single Sided Hearing

Things to consider

  • Degree of hearing loss
  • Dexterity
  • Budget
  • Lifestyle
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin Sensitivities
  • Medical Considerations