The world's leading rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aids with Bluetooth technology from Signia.

Styletto Connect

It’s more than just a hearing aid. It’s a revolution in sound, style, streaming and charging-on-the-go.

Pure Charge&Go Nx

The original Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids for the most natural sounding own voice and full connectivity.

Motion Charge&Go Nx

The most natural own voice with the convenience of wireless rechargeability in a strong housing.

Signia hearing aids deliver the sound that nature intended.

When you lose your hearing, it restricts your natural listening experience. Now you can improve your hearing a remarkable amount — and even preserve the familiar sound of your natural own voice — thanks to our new Signia hearing aids with Own Voice Processing (OVP™).

These elegant state-of-the-art solutions replicate the natural experience of hearing everything in harmony. They also offer direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio via Bluetooth®. And the revolutionary myHearing™ App serves as the hearing care professional at your fingertips for access to the best service anywhere.