Oticon Opn Play™

Open up your child’s world.

The new Oticon Opn Play helps your child be just that – a child. 

As a parent, you probably have a lot of questions: How will your child cope at day care or school? Will he or she make friends? What about the future? With Oticon Opn Play, there’s finally a cutting-edge hearing aid that allows your child to learn, grow, play and thrive. Open up their world, let them play, laugh along with friends, let them dream about the future. Just like any other child.

Open up to a breakthrough in pediatric hearing care.

Oticon Opn Play gives your child 360º access to the world and helps your child differentiate between meaningful sound and irrelevant, disturbing sound. Our OpenSound Navigator™ technology improves speech understanding in noisy environments and supports incidental learning by giving your child access to multiple speakers in the environment.

From traditional technology to revolutionary open sound.

Before Oticon Opn Play, traditional omni directional technology could overload your child with access to all sounds and noise, whether relevant or not. Or, they could be fitted with traditional directional technology which closes down sounds and restricts the opportunity to learn.

Oticon Opn Play marks the change from listening to the world to truly making sense of the world. This groundbreaking innovation lets your child enjoy a full, balanced soundscape.

Give your child better opportunities to learn.

Children are curious to discover the world around them. Part of that discovery takes place through listening. However, children with hearing loss need more assistance to learn words and develop social and language skills. The earlier they get help, the better.

Incidental learning occurs when children naturally overhear what is being said around them, not by direct teaching. Therefore, it is essential that children can extract speech from background noise. Oticon Opn Play gives your child with hearing loss the right conditions to make sense out of sound around them.

Opn Play hearing aids

A high performing product family.

You and your child can choose among four different styles, each suited for hearing losses from mild to severe: the traditional BTE PP style; the small and discreet miniRITE or miniRITE T (telecoil) styles; and the new miniRITE R, a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion instrument in a discreet design.

Opn Play comes in a range of 12 colors* to discreetly complement hair and skin or to be bright and colorful. And, a fun collection of decorative stickers lets your child add their own personality to the hearing aids.

*Please consult your hearing care professional for available colors.

Connecting your child to the world.