How-To Videos For Hearing Aids

Oticon Instructional Videos

Pair Oticon Opn with Android

Pair Oticon Opn With Iphone

How to charge Oticon Opn S™ and Oticon Opn Play™ rechargeable hearing aids

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Phonak Instructional Videos

How to Clean Hearing Aid: Phonak Virto Q90 ITC

How to clean a Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aid

How to use Roger Table Mic

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Signia Instructional Videos

How to setup the easyTek App - Apple iOS

How to pair your hearing aids with easyTek

How to pair your Signia Pure 13 BT hearing aids with myControl App (iPhone)

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Resound Instructional Videos

How to pair your ReSound hearing aids to an Apple® device

How to use Find my Hearing Aid

Charging your ReSound LiNX Quattro™ rechargeable hearing aids

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