10 Tips For Speaking To The Hard Of Hearing

  1. Face the person with the hearing loss directly when you speak. Avoid talking from another room.
  2. Speak naturally. It is more important to speak slowly rather than louder.
  3. Avoid using long sentences.
  4. Rephrase rather than keep repeating the original words.
  5. Avoid sudden changes of topic.
  6. Make one point, then stop and wait to make sure that you have been understood before continuing.
  7. Don’t lower your voice or trail off at the end of sentences.
  8. Get rid of unnecessary background noise.
  9. Keep your hands away from your mouth while talking. If you are eating, chewing, smoking, smiling, etc. while talking, your speech will be more difficult to understand.
  10. If in a group, encourage speaking one at a time.

Be patient. Showing impatience only stresses the deaf person and stress makes it hard for all to hear.